BAFTA Performance?


Final week of filming on All Creatures Great & Small Series 2 was dedicated to the annual ‘Pumphrey Manor Cricket Match 1938’ I was recruited to play for the local farmers v the ‘posh boys’. 

My grateful thanks to Andy Hay (Director) who gave me a little cameo role which I enjoyed immensely. I was told that the first ball of the match had to go for ‘four’ BUT I needed to look as though I was trying to stop it. Matthew Lewis hit the ball, I dived to the right (spectacular) the ball went underneath me and rolled towards the boundary. As I got up and turned, I tripped and fell over, then I then tripped and fell over again. Unfortunately, the trips were not planned. Sam West later told me ‘Paul, that was comedy gold’. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I’ll take that from acting royalty Samuel West. Check out Series 2 Episode 5. Maybe the very kind Andy Hay will give me another run out in Series 3?