orning Scottish Highlands

How do you begin to describe the beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

Pictured here is the beginning and end of the day. I was told that the Highlands were stunning, and I was certainly not disappointed. What I do regret however, is that nobody told me that in late summer (September) that you would be eaten alive by millions of midges. 

We were surrounded by lochs which I was surprised to discover a number of which were tidal. 

After spending the first 2 weeks of filming ‘Wedding Season’ in Scotland, we eventually moved south to Manchester, Morcambe and London. The weather in Morcambe in comparison to Scotland was different to say the least. The wind must have been gusting 70/80mph, it was absolutely crazy. I guess the locations, the weather, the crew, the cast, is what makes this job one of the best. (Especially when it’s bloody freezing outside, and I’m sat warm and cosy in my car) … smug smile.

Evening Scottish Highlands